There was no food in my stomach, sun on the back of my neck,love on my mind, panic in my soul, and an ache in my heart.

Sculpture and Sound Installation. | Dimensions Variable | 2018

Within the trend of migration across countries given rise by capitalism, more and more women are now searching independently for ways of survival. They migrate from one language to another, or from rural villages to cities; the identity for this migration, subject construction, and life experience in another country, are all processes full of conflicts and tensions. This work started with the descriptions of the image of “home” by two women, Vietnamese actress Chen Chiu-Liu and second generation actress Cheng wan-hsuan; the artist cooperated with French sound artist Yannick Dauby and Taiwanese actor Yang Qi-Yin to compile the narratives into a poem woven by sounds and voices, and convert the internal emotional tensions of international migration and search for survival, and the image of home, into spatial scenes, in order to explore the spiritual symbol of “home,” consider the space people settle down and grow, and get connect the relationship between the person’s inner spiritual memories and own existence.




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